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Person responsible for drawing up accounts , usually for a business organization. Accountants have traditionally concentrated on recording what has

Open Actors and actresses
Actors and actresses

Performer who takes one or more role(s) in a play or film. In ancient Greece, the speaking actors were distinguished from the chorus, whereas in

Open Admirals

Highest-ranking naval officer. History, UK In the UK Royal Navy and the US Navy, in descending order, the ranks of admiral are: admiral of the fleet

Open Advertising

The rising significance of consumption (or consumer culture) in contemporary societies is often associated with the impact of advertising —the

Open Affirmative action programs
Affirmative action programs

The term affirmative action describes programs that give special consideration or preference to members of previously disadvantaged groups, most

Open Agriculture

AGRICULTURE IS THE practice of cultivating plants and herding animals for food, fiber, and other products. Agriculture is the single largest land use

Open Air traffic control
Air traffic control

No mode of public transportation has a greater emphasis on safety than the aviation industry. From manufacturing to maintenance requirements, every


( ălkăl'dē, Span. älkäl'dā ) [Span., from Arab.,=the judge], Spanish official title, in existence at least from the 11th cent. Since the late 19th


Anglo-Saxon term for the noble governor of a shire; after the Norman Conquest the office was replaced with that of sheriff . From the 19th century

Open Ambassadors

Officer of the highest rank in the diplomatic service, who represents the head of one sovereign state at the court or capital of another. The