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Zaharias, Babe Didrikson, 1911-1956

US sportswoman. One of the most talented and versatile figures in the history of sport, in 1932 she became the first athlete to win individual Olympic

Zanuck, Darryl Francis, 1902-1979

1902–79, American movie producer, b. Wahoo, Nebr. Beginning his Hollywood career as a scriptwriter, he was hired (1924) by Warner Brothers and made a

Zappa, Frank

US rock musician, bandleader, and composer. His crudely satirical songs, as in Joe's Garage (1980), deliberately bad taste, and complex orchestral and

Zemlinsky, Alexander, 1871-1942

Austrian composer and conductor. He gave the first performance of Schoenberg's monodrama Erwartung in 1924. He taught Schoenberg and married his

Open Zidane, Zinédine, 1972-
Zidane, Zinédine, 1972-

French footballer. He masterminded France's World Cup triumph in 1998, scoring two goals in France's 3–0 victory over Brazil in the final. These

Zinnemann, Fred, 1907-1997

Austrian-born US film director, responsible for a series of liberal, moralistic, social realist narratives centred on protagonists undergoing a crisis

Open Zircon

Zircon is a zirconium silicate well-known for its popular gem-quality stones. The name derives from the Arabic word zargun , meaning ‘golden colour’.

Open Zurbarán, Francisco, 1598-1664
Zurbarán, Francisco, 1598-1664

Spanish painter. Based in Seville, he painted religious subjects in a powerful, austere style, often focusing on a single figure in prayer, for

Zworykin, V. K. (Vladimir Kosma), 1889-1982

Russian-born US electronics engineer who invented a television camera tube and developed the electron microscope . Zworykin was born in Murom, Russia,