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Open Zen Buddhism
Zen Buddhism

Buddhist sect of China and Japan. The name of the sect (Chin. Ch'an, Jap. Zen) derives from the Sanskrit dhyana [meditation]. In China the school

Open Zeus (Greek deity)
Zeus (Greek deity)

In Greek mythology, the chief of the Olympian gods (Roman Jupiter ). He was the son of Kronos , whom he overthrew; his brothers included Pluto and

Open Zionism

modern political movement for reconstituting a Jewish national state in Palestine. The rise of the Zionist movement in the late 19th cent. was

Open Zodiac

Zone of the heavens containing the paths of the Sun, Moon, and planets. When this was devised by the ancient Greeks, only five planets were known,

Open Zombies

More fiction than fact, zombies are said to be the mindless ‘undead’. The word ‘zombie’, like ‘voodoo’ (see voudun ), has two quite different

Open Zoroastrianism

( zô´´rōăs'trēənĭzəm ), religion founded by Zoroaster, but with many later accretions. Zoroastrianism's scriptures are the Avesta or the Zend Avesta