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Yale University

at New Haven, Conn.; coeducational. Chartered as a collegiate school for men in 1701 largely as a result of the efforts of James Pierpont, it opened

Yamuna River (India)

The river Yamunā is one of the three holiest rivers of India, along with the Ganges and Sarasvatī. The Yamunā rises in the Himālayas and joins the

Open Yangtze River (China)
Yangtze River (China)

Longest river of China and Asia, and third longest in the world, flowing about 6,300 km/3,900 mi from Qinghai on the Tibetan Plateau to the Yellow

Open Yellow River (China)
Yellow River (China)

THE ORIGIN OF the Huang Ho, also known as the Yellow River because of the voluminous ochrecolored sediments suspended in its lower course as it

Open Yellow Sea
Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea, also called the West Sea in North and South Korea , is a part of the Pacific Ocean . It is located north of the East China Sea and

Open Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

Oldest US nature reserve, and largest in the lower 48 states, situated on a broad plateau in the Rocky Mountains , chiefly in northwest Wyoming, but

Open Yemen (Republic)
Yemen (Republic)

( yĕm'ən ), officially Republic of Yemen, republic (2005 est. pop. 20,727,000), 207,300 sq mi (535,800 sq km), SW Asia, at the southern edge of the

Yenisey River (Russia)

One of the main rivers in Russia, rising in the Sayan Mountains in the Asian Tuva region and flowing generally north through the Central Siberian

Open Yerevan (Armenia)
Yerevan (Armenia)

Capital city, economic, and cultural centre of the independent Republic of Armenia , situated in the southern Caucasus 25 km/16 mi north of the

Yokohama-shi (Japan)

( yō´´kōhä'mä ), city (1990 pop. 3,220,331), capital of Kanagawa prefecture, SE Honshu, Japan, on the western shore of Tokyo Bay. Japan's second