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Open X chromosome
X chromosome

Larger of the two sex chromosomes in humans and other placental mammals, the smaller being the Y chromosome . In females both the sex chromosomes are

Open Xenon

( zē'nŏn ) [Gr.,=strange], gaseous chemical element; symbol Xe; at. no. 54; at. wt. 131.293; m.p. -111.9 degrees Celsius; b.p. -107.1 degrees Celsius;

Xingu River (Brazil)

River, central and northern Brazil. Formed by several headstreams, it flows north through northeastern Mato Grosso state and central Pará state into

Open X-rays

invisible, highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation of much shorter wavelength (higher frequency) than visible light. The wavelength range for X


Transport tissue found in vascular plants , whose main function is to conduct water and dissolved mineral nutrients from the roots to other parts of