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Open X chromosome
X chromosome

Larger of the two sex chromosomes in humans and other placental mammals, the smaller being the Y chromosome . In females both the sex chromosomes are

Xenakis, Iannis, 1922-2001

Romanian-born French composer of Greek parentage. He evolved a method of ‘stochastic’ composition using the mathematics of chance and probability and


Introduction Xenotransplantation is the use of live animal organs, tissues, or cells in human transplant operations. It has been hailed as a great

Open Xenon

( zē'nŏn ) [Gr.,=strange], gaseous chemical element; symbol Xe; at. no. 54; at. wt. 131.293; m.p. -111.9 degrees Celsius; b.p. -107.1 degrees Celsius;

Open Xenophobia

Literally “the fear of strangers,” xenophobia is the targeting of foreigners and estranged citizens for stigmatization, discrimination, and

Open Xenophon

( zĕn'əfən ), c.430 B.C.–c.355 B.C., Greek historian, b. Athens. He was one of the well-to-do young disciples of Socrates before leaving Athens to

Xiamen Shi (China)

Industrial port in Fujian province, southeast China, on Xiamen Island ; population (2010) 3,531,400. Products include electronics, machinery,

Xi’an Shi (China)

Industrial city and capital of Shaanxi province, China, on the Wei He River; population (2010) 6,501,200. It produces chemicals, including fertilizers

Open Xi, Jinping
Xi, Jinping

( shē jēnpēng ), 1953–, Chinese political leader, b. Beijing. He is the son of Xi Zhongxun (1913–2002), a founder of China's communist guerrilla

Xingu River (Brazil)

River, central and northern Brazil. Formed by several headstreams, it flows north through northeastern Mato Grosso state and central Pará state into