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Waals, J. D. van der (Johannes Diderik), 1837-1923

Dutch physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1910 for his research on the gaseous and liquid states of matter. Van der Waals set out

Wagner, Otto, 1841-1918

Otto Wagner was unquestionably the father and leader of the Viennese school of architecture that produced Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmann, Josef Olbrich,

Open Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883

( rĭkh'ärt väg'nӘr ), 1813–83, German composer, b. Leipzig. Wagner was reared in a theatrical family, had a classical education, and began composing

Wagner, Robert F. (Robert Ferdinand), 1877-1953

( wăg'nӘr ), 1877–1953, American legislator, b. Germany. He arrived with his family in the United States in 1885 and grew up in poor surroundings in

Wain, John

English poet and novelist. His first novel, Hurry on Down (1953), expresses the radical political views of the Angry Young Men of the 1950s. He

Wakefield, Edward Gibbon, 1796-1862

1796–1862, British colonial statesman. He was attached to the British embassies in Turin (1814–16) and Paris (1820–26), but in 1826 was convicted of

Walcott, Derek

1930–, West Indian dramatist and poet, b. Castries, St. Lucia, grad. Univ. College of West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, 1954. His grandfathers were both

Open Wald, Lillian D., 1867-1940
Wald, Lillian D., 1867-1940

Lillian D. Wald, a public health nurse and social reformer, was born in Cincinnati on March 10, 1867, to German-Jewish immigrants Max D. and Minnie

Wałesa, Lech (1943 - )

Polish trade union leader, president of Poland 1990–95. One of the founding members of the Solidarity free-trade-union movement, which emerged to

Walken, Christopher, 1943-

US actor. A prolific talent on stage and television, as well as in film, he is particularly known for his convincing portrayals of menacing villains,