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Wafd al-Miṣrī

( wŏft ), in modern Egyptian history, a political party. It arose out of the delegation [Arabic wafd =delegation] headed by Zaghlul Pasha that was to

Wagner, Robert F. (Robert Ferdinand), 1877-1953

( wăg'nӘr ), 1877–1953, American legislator, b. Germany. He arrived with his family in the United States in 1885 and grew up in poor surroundings in

Wagon trains

in U.S. history, a group of covered wagons used to convey people and supplies to the West before the coming of the railroad. The wagon replaced the

Wakefield, Edward Gibbon, 1796-1862

1796–1862, British colonial statesman. He was attached to the British embassies in Turin (1814–16) and Paris (1820–26), but in 1826 was convicted of

Wałesa, Lech (1943 - )

Polish trade union leader, president of Poland 1990–95. One of the founding members of the Solidarity free-trade-union movement, which emerged to

Open Walker, Alice, 1944-
Walker, Alice, 1944-

Author Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944, in Eatonton, Georgia. She attended college at Spelman and transferred to Sarah Lawrence, where she

Walker, David, 1785-1830

A free black who left the South to settle in Boston, David Walker was an influential voice in the fight against slavery through his writing. Born the

Walker, James John, 1881-1946

1881–1946, American politician, b. New York City. Dapper and debonair, Jimmy Walker, having tried his hand at song writing, engaged in Democratic

Walker, William, 1824-1860

1824–60, American filibuster in Nicaragua, b. Nashville, Tenn. Walker, a qualified doctor, a lawyer, and a journalist by the time he was 24, sought a

Open Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913
Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), British naturalist, evolutionist, geographer, anthropologist, and reformer, was a central figure in the emergence