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( wôldĕn'sēz ) or Waldensians, Protestant religious group of medieval origin, called in French Vaudois. They originated in the late 12th cent. as the

Ward, William George, 1812-1882

1812–82, English Roman Catholic apologist, educated at Oxford. He became (1834) a fellow at Balliol College, Oxford, and was ordained in the Church of


Men who practise black magic, sorcerers; often also used of a male witch. The word ‘warlock’ has been used in various senses throughout the centuries,


The word ‘wed’ goes back to Old English, and meant originally ‘a pledge’. The ring is the pledge given by the man to confirm that he will perform his

Open Werewolves

A ‘man-wolf’ (Old English wer , ‘man’), i.e. a man who, according to ancient superstition, was turned, or could at will turn himself, into a WOLF (the

Wesley, John, 1703-1791

1703–91, English evangelical preacher, founder of Methodism , b. Epworth, Lincolnshire. Wesley was ordained a deacon in the Church of England in 1725,

Open Western Wall (Jerusalem)
Western Wall (Jerusalem)

The Western Wall is the remnant of the Second Temple of Jerusalem, built by Herod the Great in 19 bce . In 70 ce , the Romans destroyed the Second

Open Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Gothic church in central London, officially the Collegiate Church of St Peter. The present church was built 1245–1745, but an earlier building was

Whitefield, George, 1714-1770

1714–70, English evangelistic preacher, leader of the Calvinistic Methodist Church . At Oxford, which he entered in 1732, he joined the Methodist

Open Wicca

A modern nature-based religion with strong links to mainly European mythologies. Although Wicca lays claim to some continuity of beliefs and practices