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Watson, John B. (John Broadus), 1878-1958

John Broadus Watson (1878–1958) was an American psychologist who both pioneered and popularized the scientific theory of behaviorism, in which

Weber, Ernst Heinrich, 1795-1878

Born : 1795, Wittenberg, Germany Died : 1878, Leipzig, Germany Nat : German Ints : Experimental psychology Educ : MD University of Wittenberg, 1815

Open Well-being

Even if the pursuit of well-being can be traced to the dawn of mankind—or maybe beyond, if one considers, for example, the pleasure that apes seem to

Wertheimer, Max, 1880-1943

Max Wertheimer’s father Wilhelm directed a private business college for many years; his mother was an accomplished amateur violinist. A competent

Wundt, Wilhelm Max, 1832-1920

Wilhelm Wundt studied medicine at the University of Tubingen and at Heidelberg, where he changed his major to physiology and earned his doctorate in