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Weber, Max, 1864-1920

Born: April 21, 1864, in Erfurt, Prussia; Died: June 14, 1920, in Munich, Germany; German; political economy, social sciences, sociology, economic

West, Cornel

Cornel West is an African American cultural critic, academic, and orator. Acclaimed for his ability to weave together philosophical ideas, popular

Westermarck, Edward, 1862-1939

Edvard (Edward) Alexander Westermarck (1862-1939), the Finnish social anthropologist and philosopher, is known for his studies on the evolution of

Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947

1861–1947, English mathematician and philosopher, grad. Trinity College, Cambridge, 1884. There he was a lecturer in mathematics until 1911. At the

Wiener, Norbert, 1894-1964

Wiener was just eighteen years old when, in 1913, he was awarded a Ph.D. in logic while studying under Josiah Royce at Harvard University. Afterward,

Open Wilberforce, William, 1759-1833
Wilberforce, William, 1759-1833

English reformer. He was instrumental in abolishing slavery in the British Empire. He entered Parliament in 1780. In 1807 his bill banning the trade

Williams, Bernard, 1929-2003

(Sir Bernard Arthur Owen Williams), 1929–2003, English philosopher, grad. Oxford (1951). One of the most important philosophers of his era, he is

Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951

Austrian-born philosopher who spent much of his working life at Cambridge. The self-criticism of thought lacks the appeal of speculation, and critical

Open Wollstonecraft, Mary, 1759-1797
Wollstonecraft, Mary, 1759-1797

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759–97) is best known as a forerunner of modern feminism. Her extensive body of work participated in contemporary debates in

World views

To posit a discussion of identity and worldview is to explore philosophical constructs of time, place, and culture. The components of a definition of