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Open Walnut

common name for some members of the Juglandaceae, a family of chiefly deciduous, resinous trees characterized by large and aromatic compound leaves.

Open Watercress

A Eurasian native, watercress has spread around the world’s temperate regions and often naturalizes where there’s a steady supply of running

Open Watermelons

( see also MELON ) A native of Africa, this ground-hugging vine ( Citrullus lanatus = C. vulgaris ), cultivated for its melons, managed early on to

Open Wheat

cereal plant of the genus Triticum of the family Gramineae ( grass family), a major food and an important commodity on the world grain market. The

Open Wild rice
Wild rice

tall aquatic plant (Zizania aquatica) of the family Gramineae ( grass family), of a genus separate from common rice (Oryza). Wild rice (called also

Open Wine and wine making
Wine and wine making

Wine is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of a plant product, generally a fruit. In the stricter sense, it is generally taken to


or checkerberry, low evergreen plant (Gaultheria procumbens) of the family Ericaceae ( heath family), native to sandy and acid woods (usually of

Open Wormwood

Mediterranean perennial herb or shrubby plant (Artemisia absinthium) of the family Asteraceae ( aster family), often cultivated in gardens and found