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Vadim, Roger, 1928-2000

French film and theatre director, actor, and writer, of Ukrainian descent. He is most renowned for the sexually explicit nature of his films and the

Valentinus, active 2nd century

( vălӘntē'nӘs ), fl. c.135–c.160, founder of the Valentinians, the most celebrated of the Gnostic sects (see Gnosticism ) of the 2d cent. The little

Valéry, Paul (1871 - 1945)

( pōl välārē' ), 1871–1945, French poet and critic. A follower of the symbolists , Valéry was one of the greatest French poets of the 20th cent. He

Open Valkyries (Norse mythology)
Valkyries (Norse mythology)

Valkyries, meaning "Choosers of the Slain," were beautiful young women—sometimes immortal, depending on the Norse myth—who scouted battlefields

Vanbrugh, John, 1664-1726

English baroque architect, dramatist, and soldier. Although entirely untrained as an architect, he designed the huge mansions of Castle Howard

Open Van Buren, Martin, 1782-1862
Van Buren, Martin, 1782-1862

1782-1862 Eighth President of the United States Martin Van Buren was the primary architect of the Jacksonian Democratic Party in the 1820s, its most

Open Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 1794-1877
Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 1794-1877

A key factor in ensuring that the Industrial Revolution could take off and be sustained in its course was the development of a transportation

Vanderbilt, William H. (William Henry), 1821-1885

William Henry Vanderbilt, the eldest son of steamboat and railway magnate Cornelius VANDERBILT , was born on Staten Island, New York on 8 May 1821. He

Van der Post, Laurens

South African writer. His books, many of them autobiographical tales of adventure with anthropological themes, reflect his fascination with diverse

Open Van Dyck, Anthony, 1599-1641
Van Dyck, Anthony, 1599-1641

Flemish painter. He was an assistant to Rubens from 1618 to 1620, then worked briefly in England at the court of James I before moving to Italy in