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Vanbrugh, John, 1664-1726

English baroque architect, dramatist, and soldier. Although entirely untrained as an architect, he designed the huge mansions of Castle Howard

Vasari, Giorgio, 1511-1574

Born in the Florentine subject city of Arezzo, Giorgio was the child of a potter, and precocious enough for Cardinal Silvio Passerini, guardian of the

Open Vaults (Architecture)
Vaults (Architecture)

ceiling over a room, formed in any one of a variety of curved shapes. A vault is generally composed of separate units of material, such as bricks,

Velde, Henry van de, 1863-1957

1863-1957 Belgian architect, designer and teacher He was born in Antwerp. One of the originators of the Art Nouveau style, he started as a painter

Open Ventilation

process of supplying fresh air to an enclosed space and removing from it air contaminated by odors, gases, or smoke. Proper ventilation requires also

Verhulst, Rombout, 1624-1698

The Flemish sculptor Rombout Verhulst was active in the northern Netherlands. Born in Malines, Verhulst trained there and in Antwerp. It is uncertain

Verification and validation (Software)

In computing, the process of checking input data to ensure that it is complete, accurate, and reasonable. Although it would be impossible to guarantee

Open Video games
Video games

The computer game's evolution has closely paralleled the larger “digital revolution”: originating with computer hobbyists and shareware advocates in

Video tape recorders

Device for recording pictures and sound on cassettes or spools of magnetic tape. It was first launched commercially in 1956 for the television

Open Videotex systems
Videotex systems

communications service that is linked to an adapted television receiver or a personal computer by telephone lines, cable television facilities, or the