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Open Vagrancy

in law, term applied to the offense of persons who are without visible means of support or domicile while able to work. State laws and municipal

Open Vandalism

The crime of vandalism varies greatly. However, most vandalism occurs against property that is on street level. Vehicles, warehouses, residential and


Victimization is the outcome of deliberate action taken by a person or institution to exploit, oppress, or harm another, or to destroy or illegally

Open Violence

The core meaning of violence is the deliberate infliction of bodily violation or harm on one individual human being by another. The forms of violence

Open Violence against women
Violence against women

Violence against women is widespread and affects millions of women and girls worldwide. Among its many health consequences are those related to sexual

Violence in the workplace

Workplace violence is one of the most important security issues faced by companies today, as these activities span a lengthy continuum from coworker