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Rudolph Valentino

originally Rodolpho Alphonso Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla 1895-1926 Italian-born US film actor, a great screen idol of the 1920s Rudolph

Open Vaccination

means of producing immunity against pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, by the introduction of live, killed, or altered antigens that stimulate

Open Vacuum

theoretically, space without matter in it. A perfect vacuum has never been obtained; the best man-made vacuums contain less than 100,000 gas molecules

Vadim, Roger, 1928-2000

French film and theatre director, actor, and writer, of Ukrainian descent. He is most renowned for the sexually explicit nature of his films and the

Open Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

Vaduz is the capital and second-largest urban settlement, in the Principality of Liechtenstein, a tiny landlocked country in Central Europe that is

Open Vagrancy

in law, term applied to the offense of persons who are without visible means of support or domicile while able to work. State laws and municipal

Valais (Switzerland)

( välā' ), Ger. Wallis, canton (1993 pop. 262,400), 2,021 sq mi (5,234 sq km), S Switzerland. Sion is the capital. Bordering on France and Italy, the

Open Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

St. Valentine is believed to have been a Roman priest who was martyred on this day around 270. How he became the patron saint of lovers remains a

Valentinus, active 2nd century

( vălӘntē'nӘs ), fl. c.135–c.160, founder of the Valentinians, the most celebrated of the Gnostic sects (see Gnosticism ) of the 2d cent. The little

Valéry, Paul (1871 - 1945)

( pōl välārē' ), 1871–1945, French poet and critic. A follower of the symbolists , Valéry was one of the greatest French poets of the 20th cent. He