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Tantalus (Greek mythology)

In Greek mythology the son of ZEUS and a NYMPH (or of the Titaness Pluto). He was a Lydian king, highly honoured and prosperous, but, because he

Open Taurus (Astrology)
Taurus (Astrology)

[Lat.,= the bull], in astronomy, constellation NW of Orion and lying on the ecliptic (the sun's apparent path through the heavens) between Gemini and

Tefnut (Egyptian deity)

Tefnut ( Tfnt ) was the first female deity in the Heliopolitan cosmogony. She was engendered, along with her brother Shu, by the creator god Atum .

Open Theseus

In Greek mythology, a hero of Attica , who was believed to have united the states of the area under a constitutional government in Athens. He killed

Open Thor (Norse mythology)
Thor (Norse mythology)

God who specializes in killing giants. Thor is the son of Odin and Jörd (Earth), the wife of Sif, and the father of sons Módi and Magni and a daughter

Open Thoth (Egyptian deity)
Thoth (Egyptian deity)

The ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, Djehwty, Tehuti, Djehuty, was called by the Greeks Thoth. He was depicted in either one of two forms, an ibis or a

Open Thunderbird (Legendary character)
Thunderbird (Legendary character)

The name given to a famous mythical bird and also to allegedly real-life counterparts spied in the skies over North America. According to the


According to the Babylonian creation story Enuma Elish , the goddess Tiamat was the embodiment of the original watery chaos of the universe. She was a

Open Tithonus (Greek mythology)
Tithonus (Greek mythology)

In Greek mythology, Tithonus was the beautiful son of Laomedon and Strymo, daughter of the Scamander River. His brother was Priam, king of Troy. He

Open Tlaloc (Aztec deity)
Tlaloc (Aztec deity)

Tlaloc was worshiped by the Aztecs as a god of rain and fertility. He could bring drought, floods, and disease, as well as new life. Tlaloc was an