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Open Tacitus, Cornelius (AD 55 - 120)
Tacitus, Cornelius (AD 55 - 120)

(Cornelius Tacitus), c.A.D. 55–c.A.D. 117, Roman historian. Little is known for certain of his life. He was a friend of Pliny the Younger and married

Tantalus (Greek mythology)

In Greek mythology the son of ZEUS and a NYMPH (or of the Titaness Pluto). He was a Lydian king, highly honoured and prosperous, but, because he

Tefnut (Egyptian deity)

Tefnut ( Tfnt ) was the first female deity in the Heliopolitan cosmogony. She was engendered, along with her brother Shu, by the creator god Atum .

Open Tell el-Amarna
Tell el-Amarna

Amarna (also known as El-Amarna and Tell el-Amarna) is the modern name given to the ancient Egyptian city of Akhetaten "Horizon of the sun disk,"

Open Thebes (Egypt : Extinct city)
Thebes (Egypt : Extinct city)

Far down the Nile River from Cairo is the ancient Egyptian temple city of Thebes and Luxor. Modern visitors will find three ancient temple areas in

Theodoric the Great

c.454–526, king of the Ostrogoths and conqueror of Italy, b. Pannonia. He spent part of his youth as a hostage in Constantinople. Elected king in 471

Open Thor (Norse mythology)
Thor (Norse mythology)

God who specializes in killing giants. Thor is the son of Odin and Jörd (Earth), the wife of Sif, and the father of sons Módi and Magni and a daughter

Open Thoth (Egyptian deity)
Thoth (Egyptian deity)

The ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, Djehwty, Tehuti, Djehuty, was called by the Greeks Thoth. He was depicted in either one of two forms, an ibis or a


Life Thucydides, an Athenian, composed the history of the Peloponnesian War fought by Athens and Sparta and their respective allies from 431 to 404


in ancient Rome, one of various officers. The history of the office of tribune is closely associated with the struggle of the plebs against the