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Saint Laurent, Yves

( ēv săN lôräN' ), 1936–2008, French fashion designer, b. Oran, Algeria, as Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. Moving to Paris at 17, he

Open Sapphires

precious stone. A transparent blue corundum , it is classified among the most valuable of gems. Sapphires are found chiefly in Thailand, India, Sri


device that stitches cloth and other materials. An attempt at mechanical sewing was made in England (1790) with a machine having a forked, automatic


fine, horny, translucent, yellowish fiber produced by the silkworm in making its cocoon and covered with sericin, a protein. Many varieties of

Open Spinel

For centuries, spinels have been mistaken for RUBIES . For example, the so-called ‘Black Prince's Ruby’ in the British Imperial state crown is


the drawing out, twisting, and winding of fibers into a continuous thread or yarn. From antiquity until the Industrial Revolution, spinning was a