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Open sage

any species of the large genus Salvia, aromatic herbs or shrubs of the family Labiatae ( mint family). The common sage of herb gardens is S.


fluid in plants consisting of water and dissolved substances. Cell sap refers to this fluid present in the large vacuole, or cell cavity, that

Open Sassafras

Source: Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees [syn. S. officinale Nees et Eberm.; S. variifolium (Salisb.) Kuntzel] (Family Lauraceae). Common/vernacular

Open scale insect
scale insect

common name for members of a highly modified group of insects belonging to several families of the superfamily Coccoidea. Scales possess antennae and

Open School Lunch Programs
School Lunch Programs

Established in 1946, the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federal program that enables schools to provide low-cost or free nutritious lunches

Open Shallot

Like its cousin, the onion, the shallot originated in Western or Central Asia. Shallots are grown almost everywhere now, across Southeast Asia and


common name for the Solanaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and a few trees of warm regions, chiefly tropical America. Many are climbing or creeping

Open sorghum

tall, coarse annual (Sorghum vulgare) of the family Gramineae ( grass family), somewhat similar in appearance to corn (but having the grain in a

Open Sorrel

Any of several hardy perennial herbs of the buckwheat family, widespread in temperate regions. Sheep sorrel ( Rumex acetosella ), a weed native to

Open soybean

Leguminous plant (see legume ), native to East Asia, in particular Japan and China. Originally grown as a food crop for animals, it is increasingly