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Open Sacrifice

[Lat. sacrificare=to make holy], a type of religious offering, or gift to a superior or supreme being, in which the offering is consecrated through

Open Sasquatch

A very large, bipedal man-beast, which is North America’s most famous cryptid. Today, the bigfoot or sasquatch is the most famous North American


[Heb.,=adversary], traditional opponent of God and humanity in Judaism and Christianity. In Scripture and literature the role of the opponent is given

Open Satanism

The cult of Satan, or Satan worship, is in part a survival of the ancient worship of demons and in part a revolt against Christianity or the church.

Open Scorpio (Astrology)
Scorpio (Astrology)

the Scorpion, a constellation giving its name to, and formerly coinciding with, a sign of the zodiac (also Scor'pius ; astron ); the eighth sign of

Open Sekhmet (Egyptian deity)
Sekhmet (Egyptian deity)

In ancient Egypt, there was a lioness goddess named Sekhmet. The meaning of her name was “the Powerful One.” She was represented as a woman with the

Selene (Greek deity)

Selene was the Greek goddess of the moon—she was sometimes considered to be the moon itself. Her name means "she who gleams." Selene and her sister

Open Seshat (Egyptian deity)
Seshat (Egyptian deity)

In ancient Egypt, Seshat was the goddess of writing and measurement and the ruler of books. Djhuty and Seshat were divine sesb (scribes). Djhuty is

Open Seth (Egyptian deity)
Seth (Egyptian deity)

In ancient Egypt, Set was considered the deity related to confusion, indecision, chaos, and evil. Often depicted with a human body and a head with a


In Hinduism, the third chief god (with Brahma and Vishnu ) making up the Trimurti . As Mahadeva (great lord), he is the creator, symbolized by the