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Sagan, Françoise, 1935-2004

pseudonym of Françoise Quoirez 1935-2004 French novelist Born in Cajarc, Lot, she was educated at a convent in Paris and in private schools. At the

Scott, George C., 1927-1999

(George Campbell Scott), 1927–99, American actor, b. Wise, Va. Fiery and intense, Scott played his first major roles in Richard III,The Merchant of


The practice of screenwriting and the standardization of screenwriting rules developed rapidly and stabilized almost as quickly. In less than twenty

Sembène, Ousmane, 1923-2007

( ʊsmä'nĕ səmbĕ'nĕ ), 1923–2007, Senegalese author and film director who wrote and made films in French and Wolof, often regarded as the father of

Sheen, Martin (Aug 3, 1940 - )

US actor. Known for his prolific output on stage, television, and film, he established his career in the early 1960s and went on to perform in a

Open Silent films
Silent films

In 1893, Thomas Edison launched the motion picture industry by building the first film studio in the United States in West Orange, New Jersey. The

Simmons, Jean, 1929-2010

1929-2010 English actress Born in London and educated at the Aida Foster School of Dancing, she made her film debut in Give Us the Moon (1944). She

Sontag, Susan (1933 - 2004)

( sŏn'täg ), 1933–2004, American writer and critic, b. New York City. She grew up in Arizona and California, studied philosophy at the Univ. of

Open sound recording
sound recording

process of converting the acoustic energy of sound into some form in which it can be permanently stored and reproduced at any time. In 1855 the

Open Star Wars films
Star Wars films

Star Wars is the collective term for a franchise of media texts and products based on a core of six motion pictures. The original trilogy of Star Wars