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oil lamp designed for safe use in mines and other places where flammable gases such as firedamp (see damp ) may be present. Its invention (c.1816) is

Open Satellites

A SATELLITE IS an airborne autonomous platform that carries a set of sensors to capture information on the surface of the earth, including vegetation,

Open Scientists & Innovations
Scientists & Innovations

Scientist comes from the Latin root scientia , which means knowledge or understanding, and generally refers to one who helps build an organized system

Open Scuba diving
Scuba diving

Scuba-diving involves the voluntary immersion of a person in salt or fresh water . The acronym SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing

semiconductor laser

Syn . diode laser; injection laser. A small robust cheap and flexible type of LASER fabricated from SEMICONDUCTOR material. It consists essentially of


device that stitches cloth and other materials. An attempt at mechanical sewing was made in England (1790) with a machine having a forked, automatic

Sheffield plate

metalware of copper, silver-plated by fusion, originated at Sheffield, England. This process of plating was discovered c.1742 by a Sheffield cutler,

shock absorber

device for reducing the effect of a sudden shock by the dissipation of the shock's energy. On an automobile, springs and shock absorbers are mounted

Sikorsky, Igor (1889 - 1972)

Ukrainian-born US engineer. He built the first successful Helicopter in 1939 (commercially produced from 1943). His first biplane flew in 1910, and in

Open silicon chip
silicon chip

Small piece of silicon etched to carry many tiny electric circuits. Silicon chips are at the heart of most electronic equipment. Chips are etched,