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Open Saarinen, Eero (1910 - 1961)
Saarinen, Eero (1910 - 1961)

( ā'rō sä'rĭnĕn ), 1910–61, Finnish-American architect, grad. Yale (B.A., 1934), became an American citizen in 1940; son of Eliel Saarinen .

Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre

A devotional shrine, a tourist magnet or a triumphal proclamation of French religious conservatism, the Sacre Coeur has from its construction been a


oil lamp designed for safe use in mines and other places where flammable gases such as firedamp (see damp ) may be present. Its invention (c.1816) is

Open sailing

as a sport, the art of navigating a sailboat for recreational or competitive purposes. There is no single "yacht type" of boat, rather many types that

Saint Lawrence Seaway

international waterway, 2,342 mi (3,769 km) long, consisting of a system of canals, dams, and locks in the St. Lawrence River and connecting channels

Open Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

Cathedral in Salisbury , Wiltshire, England. With the exception of its crowning tower and spire, it is a building of uniform Early English design,

Open sanctuary

The holiest area of a place of worship; also a place of refuge from persecution or prosecution, usually in or near a place of worship. The custom of

Sanmicheli, Michele (1484 - 1559)

Veronese architect and military engineer to the Venetian Republic. Born into the building trade in Verona, Sanmicheli trained briefly as a stonemason

Open Satellites

A SATELLITE IS an airborne autonomous platform that carries a set of sensors to capture information on the surface of the earth, including vegetation,

Open Scientists & Innovations
Scientists & Innovations

Scientist comes from the Latin root scientia , which means knowledge or understanding, and generally refers to one who helps build an organized system