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Open Same-Sex Marriage
Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is the union of two people of the same sex that is sanctioned by the state. The term is often deployed to talk about legally

Open Sanger, Margaret Higgins (1879 - 1966)
Sanger, Margaret Higgins (1879 - 1966)

Margaret Sanger was the single most influential crusader for safe, legal, and effective birth control in the United States. From the 1910s through the

Schlafly, Phyllis (1924 - 2016)

born 1924 Conservative Activist Activist Phyllis Schlafly, author of 20 books and founding president of the conservative organization Eagle Forum,

Open Sex

SEX REFERS TO the division between many biological species into male and female forms. These forms differ in their chromosomal composition and in

Open Sex education
Sex education

Educators must be cognizant of gender when planning and implementing sexuality curricula. Expectations regarding appropriate gender role

Open Sexism

Sexism is a system of oppression that privileges men and discriminates against women. Sexism requires prejudice plus power. Like racism, sexism is not

Sexual discrimination

Sexual discrimination involves treating someone differently, usually less favourably, because of his or her gender. The way it was In the past, men

Open sexual harassment
sexual harassment

in law, verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature, aimed at a particular person or group of people, especially in the workplace or in academic or

Open sexually transmitted diseases
sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases, often also referred to as sexually transmitted infections or venereal diseases, are infectious diseases that are

Open Sexually transmitted diseases--Prevention
Sexually transmitted diseases--Prevention

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is a simple matter of sexual partners engaging in one of two options: (1) refraining from sexual