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Open sand

rock material occurring in the form of loose, rounded or angular grains, varying in size from .06 mm to 2 mm in diameter, the particles being smaller

Open Sapphires

precious stone. A transparent blue corundum , it is classified among the most valuable of gems. Sapphires are found chiefly in Thailand, India, Sri

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe (1793 - 1864)

1793–1864, American ethnologist, b. near Albany, N.Y. He gave enormous impetus to the study of Native American culture and may be regarded as the


[Lat. scientia=knowledge]. For many the term science refers to the organized body of knowledge concerning the physical world, both animate and

Open seafloor spreading
seafloor spreading

theory of lithospheric evolution that holds that the ocean floors are spreading outward from vast underwater ridges. First proposed in the early 1960s

Open Seamounts

Seamounts are traditionally defined as undersea mountains whose summits rise more than 1000 m above the sea floor; however, modern studies describe

Open sediment

mineral or organic particles that are deposited by the action of wind, water, or glacial ice. These sediments can eventually form sedimentary rocks

Open Sedimentary rocks
Sedimentary rocks

Sediments are loose, unconsolidated rock particles and ions (i.e., charged atoms) dissolved in aqueous solutions. Sedimentary rocks, which constitute

Seismic waves

Energy wave generated by an earthquake or an artificial explosion. There are two types of seismic waves: body waves that travel through the Earth's

Open Seismology

( sìzmŏl'əjē, sìs– ), scientific study of earthquakes and related phenomena, including the propagation of waves and shocks on or within the earth by