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Open Sacks, Oliver (1933 - 2015)
Sacks, Oliver (1933 - 2015)

1933- ♦ English neurologist and writer Born in London, the son of physicians, he graduated from Oxford and studied for his medical degree at Middlesex

Open salicylic acid
salicylic acid

or 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, C 6 H 4 (OH)CO 2 H, a colorless, crystalline organic carboxylic acid that melts at 159 degrees Celsius; it is soluble in

Open salt

In chemistry, any compound formed from an acid and a base through the replacement of all or part of the hydrogen in the acid by a metal or

Open Samarium

( səmâr'ēəm ), metallic chemical element; symbol Sm; at. no. 62; at. wt. 150.36; m.p. 1,072 degrees Celsius; b.p. 1,791 degrees Celsius; sp. gr. 7.54

Samuelsson, Bengt Ingemar (1934 - )

Swedish biochemist who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1982 with Sune Bergström and John Vane for their discovery of

Open Sanger, Frederick, 1918-2013
Sanger, Frederick, 1918-2013

Place : Sweden Subject : biography, chemistry English biochemist who worked out the sequence of amino acids in various protein molecules. For his work

Open Sapphires

precious stone. A transparent blue corundum , it is classified among the most valuable of gems. Sapphires are found chiefly in Thailand, India, Sri


( skăn'dēəm ), metallic chemical element; symbol Sc; at. no. 21; at. wt. 44.95591; m.p. 1,541 degrees Celsius; b.p. 2,831 degrees Celsius; sp. gr.

Scheele, Carl Wilhelm (1742 - 1786)

1742-86 Swedish chemist He was born in Stralsund (now in Germany) and was apprenticed to an apothecary. In 1775, the year that he was elected to the


[Lat. scientia=knowledge]. For many the term science refers to the organized body of knowledge concerning the physical world, both animate and