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Open Safflower

Carthamus tinctorius L. is the cultivated species of safflower. The word tinctorius essentially means ‘for dyeing’ in English. The flowers of

Open Saffron

name for a fall-flowering plant (Crocus sativus) of the family Iridaceae ( iris family) and also for a dye obtained therefrom. The plant is native to

Open salamander

Tailed amphibian of the order Urodela. They are sometimes confused with lizards , but unlike lizards they have no scales or claws. Salamanders have

Open Salmon

Any of the various bony fishes of the family Salmonidae. More specifically the name is applied to several species of game fishes of the genera Salmo

Open Salmonella

Any of a very varied group of bacteria, genus Salmonella , that colonize the intestines of humans and some animals. Some strains cause typhoid and


( săl´´mənĕlō'sĭs ), any of a group of infectious diseases caused by intestinal bacteria of the genus Salmonella, including typhoid fever ,

Samuelsson, Bengt Ingemar (1934 - )

Swedish biochemist who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1982 with Sune Bergström and John Vane for their discovery of


fluid in plants consisting of water and dissolved substances. Cell sap refers to this fluid present in the large vacuole, or cell cavity, that

Open Sapodilla

The sapodilla is found in the wild from southern Mexico to Nicaragua, but is now cultivated in other areas, including Southeast Asia. The

Open Saprotroph

Organism that feeds on the excrement or the dead bodies or tissues of others. They include most fungi (the rest being parasites); many bacteria and