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Open Salem witch trials
Salem witch trials

In the summer of 1692 all of eastern Massachusetts trembled in fear as neighbors and kinfolk accused one another of practicing witchcraft. Hundreds

Open Schizophrenia

An overall title for a group of psychiatric disorders typfied by disturbances in thinking, behaviour and emotional response. The illness is disabling,

seasonal affective disorder

(SAD), recurrent fall or winter depression characterized by excessive sleeping, social withdrawal, depression, overeating, and pronounced weight gain.


Sedatives are drugs that produce sleep or drowsiness by depressing central nervous system (CNS) function. There are a number of drugs and drug classes

Open Self

Understanding the constructed nature of social reality, the symbolic dimensions of social processes, the social production of human selves, the shared

Open Self-awareness

The human brain generates an idea of “self” that allows us to “own” our experiences and forges a connection between our thoughts and intentions, our

Open Self-efficacy

Self-efficacy beliefs are people’s beliefs about their ability to produce desired outcomes through their own actions. These beliefs are among the most

Open Self-esteem

The term self-esteem was first coined by William James in 1890, which makes it one of the oldest concepts in psychology. Self-esteem’s importance is


[Gr.,=significant] in general, the study of the relationship between words and meanings. The empirical study of word meanings and sentence meanings in

Simon, Herbert (Jun 15, 1916 - 2001)

US social scientist, computer scientist, and economic psychologist. Much of Simon's career was focused on attacking the economist's concept of