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Schumacher, E. F. (Ernst Friedrich) (1911 - 1977)

1911 Born in Bonn, Germany. 1930 Rhodes Scholar, New College, Oxford. 1932 Earned diploma in economics, Columbia University, New York. 1933 Appointed


in mathematics, indicated sum of a sequence of terms. A series may be finite or infinite. A finite series contains a definite number of terms whose

Open sextant

instrument for measuring the altitude of the sun or another celestial body; such measurements can then be used to determine the observer's

Open Significant figures
Significant figures

Figures in a number that, by virtue of their position, express the magnitude of that number to a specified degree of accuracy. In a number, the first

Open Somerville, Mary (1780 - 1872)
Somerville, Mary (1780 - 1872)

Scottish scientific writer who produced several widely used textbooks, despite having just one year of formal education. Somerville College , Oxford,


Space is one of the two fundamental dimensions of reality, the other being time. As a concept in global studies, space informs discourses on the


In geometry, a quadrilateral (four-sided) plane figure with all sides equal and each angle a right angle. Its diagonals bisect each other at right

Open Statistics

Branch of mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of data. For example, to determine the mean age of the children in a school, a

Stokes, George Gabriel (1819 - 1903)

Irish physicist who studied the viscosity (resistance to relative motion) of fluids. This culminated in Stokes' law , F = 6πη rv , which applies to a

Open Subtraction

fundamental operation of arithmetic; the inverse of addition. If a and b are real numbers (see number ), then the number a-b is that number (called