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Open Sacco and Vanzetti
Sacco and Vanzetti

After the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, fears of communism quickly spread throughout the United States, and in 1919, a series of bombings

Open Said, Edward (1935 - 2003)
Said, Edward (1935 - 2003)

Born in Jerusalem in 1935, the literary critic, campaigner, and postcolonial scholar, Edward Said, spent his early childhood in Jerusalem and Cairo,

Open Salem (Mass.)
Salem (Mass.)

City and administrative headquarters of Essex County, northeast Massachusetts, on Massachusetts Bay, 24 km/15 mi northeast of Boston; population (2000

Open Salem witch trials
Salem witch trials

In the summer of 1692 all of eastern Massachusetts trembled in fear as neighbors and kinfolk accused one another of practicing witchcraft. Hundreds

Salinger, J(erome) D(avid) (1919 - 2010)

(Jerome David Salinger) săl'ĭnjər , 1919–2010, American novelist and short-story writer, b. New York City. His considerable literary stature rests on


Member of an American Indian people who live in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada. They speak a Salishan language and form two

Open Salk, Jonas (1914 – 1995)
Salk, Jonas (1914 – 1995)

Place : United States of America Subject : biography, biology US microbiologist who produced the first successful vaccine against the paralytic

Open Sand Creek Massacre
Sand Creek Massacre

Slaughter of 450 Cheyenne and Arapaho by the 3rd Colorado Volunteers under Col John Chivington , during an unprovoked attack on Cheyenne peace chief

Open Sanders, Bernard
Sanders, Bernard

Bernard Sanders (1941–), more commonly known as Bernie Sanders, is currently the junior U.S. senator from Vermont. He was elected to the U.S. Senate

Open San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, Calif., 1906
San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, Calif., 1906

In and around the city of San Francisco This was the first devastating Californian earthquake to destroy a major city. Three thousand lost their lives