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Sabin, Albert Bruce (1906 - 1993)

Russian-born US microbiologist who developed a highly effective, live vaccine against polio. The earlier vaccine, developed by physicist Jonas Salk ,

Open Sacks, Oliver (1933 - 2015)
Sacks, Oliver (1933 - 2015)

1933- ♦ English neurologist and writer Born in London, the son of physicians, he graduated from Oxford and studied for his medical degree at Middlesex


seat or pad to support the rider on an animal, chiefly a horse. The saddles mentioned in the Bible are generally considered to have been saddlecloths.

Open sailing

as a sport, the art of navigating a sailboat for recreational or competitive purposes. There is no single "yacht type" of boat, rather many types that

Open Salk, Jonas (1914 – 1995)
Salk, Jonas (1914 – 1995)

Place : United States of America Subject : biography, biology US microbiologist who produced the first successful vaccine against the paralytic

Open Salmonella

Any of a very varied group of bacteria, genus Salmonella , that colonize the intestines of humans and some animals. Some strains cause typhoid and


( săl´´mənĕlō'sĭs ), any of a group of infectious diseases caused by intestinal bacteria of the genus Salmonella, including typhoid fever ,


fluid in plants consisting of water and dissolved substances. Cell sap refers to this fluid present in the large vacuole, or cell cavity, that


Highly infectious disease with symptoms similar to influenza, notably chills, headaches, muscle pains, a sore throat, and a high fever. Pneumonia

Scarlet Fever

or scarlatina, an acute, communicable infection, caused by group A hemolytic streptococcal bacteria (see streptococcus ) that produce an erythrogenic