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( zär'länt ), state (1994 pop. 1,080,000), 991 sq mi (2,567 sq km), SW Germany; formerly called the Saar or the Saar Territory. Saarbrücken is the


Self-governing state of the federation of Malaysia, occupying northeast Borneo, forming (with Sarawak) East Malaysia; area 73,613 sq km/28,415 sq mi;

Open Sacramento

Capital and deep-water port of California , in Sacramento County, 130 km/80 mi northeast of San Francisco; population (2000 est) 407,000. Situated in

Open Sahara

From the Arab word sahra , meaning desert. Covering c.9.1 million km 2 , the largest hot desert on earth, has played a major role in the environmental

Open Saida, Lebanon
Saida, Lebanon

Port in Lebanon, 40 km/25 mi south of Beirut; population (2008 calc) 57,800. It stands at the end of the Trans-Arabian oil pipeline from Saudi Arabia.

Open Saint Helena
Saint Helena

St. Helena—one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world—lies at latitude 15°58' S and longitude 5°43' W, about 800 km east of the

Open Saint Lawrence River
Saint Lawrence River

one of the principal rivers of North America, 744 mi (1,197 km) long. It issues from the northeastern end of Lake Ontario and flows northeast, first

Saint Lawrence Seaway

international waterway, 2,342 mi (3,769 km) long, consisting of a system of canals, dams, and locks in the St. Lawrence River and connecting channels

Open Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia

( sānt lu'shə, –sēə ), island nation (2005 est. pop. 166,000), 238 sq mi (616 sq km), West Indies, one of the Windward Islands. The capital is

Open Saint Paul (Minn.)
Saint Paul (Minn.)

city (1990 pop. 272,235), state capital and seat of Ramsey co., E Minn., on bluffs along the Mississippi River, contiguous with Minneapolis, forming