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The seventh day of the week, commanded by God in the Old Testament as a sacred day of rest after his creation of the world; in Judaism, from sunset


Saint Augustine defined sacrament as a visible sign of invisible grace. Later, the definition expanded to a sacrament being an outward sign instituted

Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre

A devotional shrine, a tourist magnet or a triumphal proclamation of French religious conservatism, the Sacre Coeur has from its construction been a

Open Sacrifice

[Lat. sacrificare=to make holy], a type of religious offering, or gift to a superior or supreme being, in which the offering is consecrated through

Open Saints

Virtually every religious tradition has the custom of venerating the spiritually adept, holy men and women whose memory and spirit live on within the

Open Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

Cathedral in Salisbury , Wiltshire, England. With the exception of its crowning tower and spire, it is a building of uniform Early English design,

Open Salvation Army
Salvation Army

Protestant denomination and international nonsectarian Christian organization for evangelical and philanthropic work. The Salvation Army has

Open Samaritans

Descendants of the people formed by the mixture of Israelites remaining in the northern kingdom of ISRAEL with other peoples settled there by the

Open Samhain

(variations: Saman, Samain, Samonios, Samuin, Samhuin, Samhuinn, Samhtheine, Sainfuin, La Samon, La Samhin, Sham-in, Saimhain, Samhein, Oiche Shamhna,

Open Samuel

two books of the Bible, originally a single work, called First and Second Samuel in modern Bibles, and First and Second Kingdoms in the Septuagint .