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Open Ra (Egyptian deity)
Ra (Egyptian deity)

In Maatian or ancient Egyptian theology, Ra (Re) is the Creator and has many names, manifestations, and forms according to the sacred texts, beginning

Open Ragnarok (Norse mythology)
Ragnarok (Norse mythology)

Demise of the gods and of the cosmos at the end of the mythological present. Although most Viking Age poets and modern scholars use the form above,


Belief that after death the human soul or the spirit of a plant or animal may live again in another human or animal. It is part of the teachings of

Open Religion

So far as archaeologists and anthropologists can tell, for as long as there have been humans there has been religion – at least in the sense that some

Rhea (Greek deity)

A goddess of the Titan generation, daughter of Earth ( Gaia ) and Sky (Ouranos). She is wife and sister of Kronos , and mother of the six older

Open Ritual

1. ‘Ritual’ is a common word. In ordinary usage the term presents no problems. It is used for a category of individual or social behavior—such as