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radiocarbon dating

Method of dating organic materials (for example, bone or wood), used in archaeology. Plants take up carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere and

Open rain

precipitation in liquid form. It consists of drops of water falling from clouds; if the drops are very small, they are collectively termed drizzle.

Open rainforest

Dense forest usually found on or near the Equator where the climate is hot and wet. There are two types of rainforest, tropical and temperate,

Open Reclamation of land
Reclamation of land

LAND RECLAMATION IS both the creation of solid land from swamps and other watery areas and the restoring of polluted land to either a natural or

Open Recycling

Recycling is an industrial practice in which recyclers collect used or abandoned materials and transform them into their constituent parts to create

Refuse and refuse disposal

Material, substance, or by-product discarded as being no longer useful. Waste is usually classified according to the source that produces it. Examples

Open Remote sensing
Remote sensing

Coined in the 1960s by a geographer named Evelyn Pruitt, the term remote sensing refers to the collection of data about Earth's surface (and

Open Renewable energy
Renewable energy

Renewable energy is the energy produced by using natural resources that will regenerate in time. Primary sources of renewable energy are water,


( rĕz'əvôr, –vwär ), storage tank or wholly or partly artificial lake for storing water. Building an embankment or dam to preserve a supply of water

Open resources

Materials that can be used to satisfy human needs. Because human needs are varied and extend from basic physical requirements, such as food and