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Open Rabies

Viral disease of the brain and central nervous system that can afflict all mammals. The rabies virus belongs to the lyssavirus group of viruses.


nocturnal New World mammal of the genus Procyon. The common raccoon of North America, Procyon lotor, also called coon, is found from S Canada to South

Open radar

system or technique for detecting the position, movement, and nature of a remote object by means of radio waves reflected from its surface. Although

Open radiation

Emission of radiant energy as particles or waves – for example, heat, light, alpha particles, and beta particles (see electromagnetic waves and


device used to heat an area surrounding it or to cool a fluid circulating within it. The familiar radiators of steam and hot water heating systems in

Open Radio

Radio was the first global electronic medium. It dominated public communications on local, national, and global levels in the 20th century, and it

radioactive decay

Process of disintegration undergone by the nuclei of radioactive elements, such as radium and various isotopes of uranium and the transuranic

Open Radioactive wastes
Radioactive wastes

The radioactive and toxic by-products of the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons industries. Nuclear waste may have an active life of several thousand

Open Radioactivity

Spontaneous change of the nuclei of atoms accompanied by the emission of radiation. Such atoms are called radioactive. It is the property exhibited by

Open radio astronomy
radio astronomy

study of celestial bodies by means of the electromagnetic radio frequency waves they emit and absorb naturally. Radio waves emanating from celestial