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Rabelais, François (1494-1553)

1483 or 1494-1553 French monk, physician and satirist Rabelais was born in or near the town of Chinon in the Loire Valley, where his father was an

Racine, Jean (1639 - 1699)

( zhäN räsēn' ), 1639–99, French dramatist. Racine is the prime exemplar of French classicism . The nobility of his Alexandrine verse, the simplicity

Radcliffe, Ann (1764 - 1823)

Radcliffe is the great exemplar of the 18th-c. GOTHICNOVEL . The best-selling English novelist of the 1790s, her work inspired plays and operas as

Open Raleigh, Walter, Sir (1552 - 1618)
Raleigh, Walter, Sir (1552 - 1618)

( both: rŏl'ē, răl'ē ), 1554?–1618, English soldier, explorer, courtier, and man of letters. As a youth Raleigh served (1569) as a volunteer in the

Open Rand, Ayn (1905 - 1982)
Rand, Ayn (1905 - 1982)

Ayn Rand's (1905–82) philosophy of rational selfishness, limited government, individualism, and moral capitalism, expressed in her bestselling novels

Ranke, Leopold von (1795 - 1886)

( lā'ōpôlt fən räng'kə ), 1795–1886, German historian, generally recognized as the father of the modern objective historical school. He applied and

Rank, Otto (1884 - 1939)

Pioneer of client-centred, experiential, ‘here-and-now’ and existential therapies. Next to Freud, Rank was the most prolific author during the first

Open Ransome, Arthur (1884 - 1967)
Ransome, Arthur (1884 - 1967)

English writer of adventure stories for children. A journalist, he was correspondent in Russia for the Daily News during World War I and the Russian

Open Ransom, John Crowe (1888-1974)
Ransom, John Crowe (1888-1974)

1888–1974, American poet and critic, b. Pulaski, Tenn., grad. Vanderbilt Univ. and studied at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. He is considered one of the

Rao, Raja (1909 - 2006)

( rä'jə rou ), 1909–2006, Indian novelist, Hassan, Mysore (now Karnataka), as Raja. Rao took his surname as an adult, and was educated in India and