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Open Rabat (Morocco)
Rabat (Morocco)

Capital and industrial port of Morocco , on the Atlantic coast, 177 km/110 mi west of Fès; population (2004) 1,622,900 (Rabat-Salé urban area). It is


India's largest state, noted for its enduring cultural traditions. Rajasthan is located in the northwestern part of India, bordered on the west by

Raleigh (N.C.)

( rôl'ē, räl'ē ), city (1990 pop. 207,951), state capital, and seat of Wake co., central N.C.; the site was selected for the capital in 1788, and the

rammed earth

material consisting chiefly of soil of sufficiently stiff consistency that has been placed in forms and pounded down. It has been used for buildings

Rangoon (Burma)

Capital and chief port of Myanmar (Burma) on the Yangon River, 32 km/20 mi from the Indian Ocean; population (2001 est) 3,938,900. Yangon is a centre


Uninhabited island in the eastern Caribbean, lying 56 km/35 mi southwest of Antigua; area 1.3 sq km/0.5 sq mi. It is one of the three islands which

Open Red Sea
Red Sea

Branch of the Indian Ocean, formed from a submerged (and still gradually widening) section of the Great Rift Valley , extending northwest from the


( rā'gənsbʊrkh ), city (1994 pop. 125,337), Bavaria, SE Germany, a port at the confluence of the Danube (Donau) and Regen rivers. In English it is

Regina (Sask.)

Capital of Saskatchewan , Canada, on Wascana Creek, 575 km/359 mi from Winnipeg; population (2006) 179,200. Industries include oil-refining,


( rìkhs'täk ) [Ger.,=imperial parliament], name for the diet of the Holy Roman Empire, for the lower chamber of the federal parliament of the North