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Open Qaddafi, Muammar (1942 - 2011)
Qaddafi, Muammar (1942 - 2011)

( muäm-mär' äl-käd-dä'fē ), 1942–2011, Libyan army officer and dictator. He graduated from the Univ. of Libya in 1963 and became an army officer in

Quarenghi, Giacomo (1744 - 1817)

Italian-born neoclassical architect and artist, active in Russia. He became one of the most important Russian architects of the late 18th and early

Open Quayle, Dan, 1947-
Quayle, Dan, 1947-

US Republican politician, vice president 1989–93. He was selected by George H W Bush as Bush's presidential running mate in 1988, as Quayle appealed

Queneau, Raymond (1903 - 1976)

French surrealist poet and humorous novelist. His published works, which frequently make use of everyday slang, as well as mathematical and


( kĕt´´sälkôät'əl ) [Nahuatl,=feathered serpent], ancient deity and legendary ruler of the Toltec in Mexico. The name is also that of a Toltec ruler,

Quezon, Manuel (Luis) (1878 - 1944)

Filipino nationalist politician, president 1935–44. Quezon was elected the first president of the Philippine Commonwealth. He established a highly

Quidde, Ludwig (1858 - 1941)

German politician and editor. Ludwig Quidde was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1927 with French politician Ferdinand Buisson for his ‘long and

Quine, W. V. (Willard Van Orman)

American philosopher, perhaps the most influential American philosopher of the twentieth century. His books include Word and Object (1960) and Pursuit

Qutb, Sayyid (Oct 9, 1906 - Aug 29, 1966)

( sì'yĭd kŭ'təb ), 1906–66, Egyptian Islamist whose critique of modern civilization and Islam provides the theoretical underpinnings for many