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Open Qatar

The State of Qatar occupies a long, narrow peninsula jutting into the Persian Gulf. The peninsula is about 200km [12mi] long, with a greatest width of


Port and summer resort in Shandong province, east China, on the Yellow Sea; population (2010) 3,718,800. It has a naval base, and diverse heavy and


Province of northwest China, bounded to the north by Gansu, to the south by Sichuan, to the west by Tibet, and to the northwest by Xinjiang Uygur

Open Québec

Capital and port of Québec province, Canada, at the junction of the Saint-Charles and St Lawrence rivers, Canada; population (2001 est) 169,100,

Queen Charlotte Islands

Archipelago in the north Pacific Ocean, about 160 km/100 mi off the northwest coast of British Columbia, western Canada, of which it forms part; area


borough of New York City (1990 pop. 1,951,598), land area c.109 sq mi (293 sq km), on the western portion of Long Island, SE N.Y., coextensive with

Open Queensland

State in northeast Australia, including the adjacent islands in the Pacific Ocean and in the Gulf of Carpentaria ; bordered on the west by Northern


Administrative centre of the département of Finistère in Brittany, northwest France, situated about 58 km/36 mi southeast of Brest on the River Odet;


City in Norfolk County, east Massachusetts, USA, on Quincy Bay, 13 km/8 mi south of Boston; population (2000 est) 88,000. There are granite quarries,


Industrial city, capital of Ecuador and of Pichincha province; situated on a plateau in the Andes, 22 km/14 mi south of the Equator, at an altitude of