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umbrellalike device designed to retard the descent of a falling body by creating drag as it passes through the air. The development of modern aircraft

Open Paralympic Games
Paralympic Games

The goal of the Paralympic Games, according to the International Paralympic Committee handbook, is “to provide the opportunity for persons with a


An athletic contest of five events, usually the jump, javelin throw, 200-metre race, discus throw and 1500-metre flat race. In the OLYMPIC GAMES the

Phelps, Michael (Jun 30, 1985 - )

US swimmer who is the most decorated Olympian in history, winning 22 medals, of which 18 were gold. He won eight medals at the 2004 Olympics in

Open Physical education
Physical education

The explosion of personal technology at the turn of the 21st century has been attended by increases in sedentary lifestyles and unprecedented levels

Pinsent, Sir Matthew (Clive) (Oct 10, 1970 - )

English rower who won gold medals at four consecutive Olympic Games. In 1990 he joined Steve Redgrave in the coxless pairs and they won a bronze medal

Pipe, Martin

English racehorse trainer. He was champion National Hunt trainer 15 times between 1988–89 and 2004–05. In 1990–91 he became the first National Hunt

Open polo

indoor or outdoor ball and goal game played on horseback. Two teams of four compete on a level, rectangular grass field that measures 200 by 300 yd

Puskás, Ferenc, 1927-2006

Hungarian footballer. One of the world's greatest players, and a star of the outstanding Hungary team of the early 1950s, he scored 83 goals in 84