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Palin, Michael (Edward) (May 5, 1943 - )

English actor and writer. First acclaimed as a member of the satirical television series Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969–74), he achieved solo

Peck, Gregory, 1916-2003

1916–2003, American movie actor, b. La Jolla, Calif., as Eldred Gregory Peck. Peck studied at New York's Neighborhood Playhouse and debuted on

Pedrell, Felipe (Feb 19, 1841 - Aug 19, 1922)

Spanish composer and musicologist. He was the leader of the Spanish nationalist movement in composition and also became a famous scholar in the domain

Penn, Sean (Justin) (Aug 17, 1960 - )

US actor and director. Known for his portrayal of troubled and violent characters, he successfully branched out into more diverse roles in the late

Open Performing Arts & Music
Performing Arts & Music

The performing arts use the artist's body, face, and voice to create “live art” that can be enjoyed by an audience. The performing arts require high

Peterson, Oscar, 1925-2007

1925-2007 Canadian jazz pianist and composer He was born in Montreal, the son of immigrants from the West Indies. He studied piano from childhood and

Open Pickford, Mary (Apr 8, 1892 - May 29, 1979)
Pickford, Mary (Apr 8, 1892 - May 29, 1979)

b. 1892; d. 1979 actor, USA Mary Pickford began her acting career in Toronto, Canada, when she was eight years old. Working under her real name of


Male character in pantomime. Pierrot derives from Pedrolino of the Italian commedia dell'arte . In France he evolved into a pale-faced lover with a

Pinter, Harold (1930 - 2008 )

Nationality: British b. 10 October 1930, London, UK; d. 24 December 2008, London, UK “Who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle

Pitt, Brad, 1963-

US film actor and producer. His classic good looks and macho characterizations gained him heartthrob status and a host of lucrative film roles from