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Paderewski, Ignacy (1860 - 1941)

Polish pianist, composer, and politician. After his debut in Vienna in 1887, he became celebrated in Europe and the USA as an interpreter of the piano

Paganini, Niccolò (1782 - 1840)

Italian violinist and composer. He was a concert soloist from the age of nine. A prodigious technician, he drew on folk and gypsy idioms to create the

Paisiello, Giovanni (May 9, 1740 - Jun 5, 1816)

Italian composer. He wrote about 100 operas, including Il barbiere di Siviglia/Barber of Seville (1782), which was very successful until it was

Parker, Charlie Christopher (1920 - 1955)

Charlie Parker was one of the great innovators in jazz: his influence was immediate, profound, and lasting. Such accomplishment is especially

Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006

Photographer, Composer, Writer, Director Gordon Parks was born on November 30, 1912, in Fort Scott, Kansas. After the death of his mother, Parks went

Parry, (Charles) Hubert (Hastings) (1848 - 1918)

English composer. His works include songs, motets, and the setting of Milton's ‘Blest Pair of Sirens’ and Blake's ‘Jerusalem’. He studied at Oxford

Pedrell, Felipe (Feb 19, 1841 - Aug 19, 1922)

Spanish composer and musicologist. He was the leader of the Spanish nationalist movement in composition and also became a famous scholar in the domain

Penderecki, Krzysztof (1933 - )

Polish composer. His expressionist works, such as the Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (1961) for strings, use cluster and percussion effects. He

percussion instrument

Musical instrument played by being struck with the hand or a beater, crashed, shaken, or scraped. Percussion instruments can be divided into those

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Performing Arts & Music

The performing arts use the artist's body, face, and voice to create “live art” that can be enjoyed by an audience. The performing arts require high