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Open Papacy

( pā'pəsē ), office of the pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church. He is pope by reason of being bishop of Rome and thus, according to Roman Catholic

Open Paul, the Apostle, Saint
Paul, the Apostle, Saint

Paul (Saul of Tarsus) was the early Christian leader who is often considered to be the person responsible for making Christianity a world religion

Pius II

( pì'əs ), 1405–64, pope (1458–64), an Italian named Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini (often in Latin, Aeneas Silvius), renamed Pienza after him, b.

Pius IX

1792–1878, pope (1846–78), an Italian named Giovanni M. Mastai-Ferretti, b. Senigallia; successor of Gregory XVI . He was cardinal and bishop of Imola

Pius VII

1740–1823, pope (1800–1823), an Italian named Barnaba Chiaramonti, b. Cesena; successor of Pius VI, who had created him cardinal in 1785. He conducted

Pius XII

1876–1958, pope (1939–58), an Italian named Eugenio Pacelli, b. Rome; successor of Pius XI. Ordained a priest in 1899, he entered the Vatican's

Pius X, Saint (1835 - 1914)

1835–1914, pope (1903–14), an Italian named Giuseppe Sarto, b. near Treviso; successor of Leo XIII and predecessor of Benedict XV . Ordained in 1858,

Open Prayer

Address to divine power, ranging from a ritual formula to attain a desired end, to selfless communication in meditation. Within Christianity, the

Privilegium fori

term originally applied to the exemption of Christian clerics from criminal prosecution in the secular courts. The privilege was established by the

Open prophet

[Gr.,=foreteller], a religious leader and spokesperson, particularly used in the Bible. The prophets emitted messages from the divine through inspired