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Open Palestine Liberation Organization
Palestine Liberation Organization

(PLO), coordinating council for Palestinian organizations, founded (1964) by Egypt and the Arab League and initially controlled by Egypt. Composed of

Open Parole

Parole is a process that allows a prisoner to be released from prison to experience increased freedom, while remaining under limited supervision.

Open patent

in law, governmental grant of some privilege, property, or authority. Today patent refers to the granting to the inventor of a useful product or

Penal Code

Series of anti-Catholic laws introduced by the Dublin Parliament 1695–1727 in defiance of the Treaty of Limerick. Catholics were disenfranchised (no

Open Pension

periodic payments to one who has retired from work because of age or disability. Pensions, originally thought of as charity, are now viewed as an

Permanent Court of International Justice

popular name of the Permanent Court of International Justice, established pursuant to Article 14 of the Covenant of the League of Nations. The

Open Phillips, Wendell (1811 - 1884)
Phillips, Wendell (1811 - 1884)

1811–84, American reformer and orator, b. Boston, grad. Harvard (B.A., 1831; LL.B., 1834). He was admitted to the bar in 1834 but, having sufficient

Open Piracy

As long as seafarers have engaged in commerce on the high seas, groups have existed who desired to steal their goods by any means necessary.

Piracy (Copyright)

Piracy of intellectual property refers to the unauthorized use, reproduction, and/or distribution of protected material such as computer software,

Pirckheimer, Willibald (1470 - 1530)

German book-collector and humanist. His own writings included translations from Greek into Latin, and from both classical languages into German. He