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Open Pain

unpleasant or hurtful sensation resulting from stimulation of nerve endings. The stimulus is carried by nerve fibers to the spinal cord and then to

Pain management

More than one-third of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Their medical care, lost work, and disability benefits cost about $100 billion annually.

Open Paranoia

A condition whose main characteristic is the delusion (see DELUSIONS ) that other people are (in an unclear way) connected to the affected individual.

Open Paraphilias

Few people would question whether sexual activities that involve force or coercion of an adult or any sexual activity with a child are deviant. These


Study of paranormal phenomena, which are generally subdivided into two types: extrasensory perception (ESP), or the paracognitive; and psychokinesis

Open Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's disease

Degenerative neurological condition, characterized by a progressive loss of mobility, muscular rigidity, tremor, and speech difficulties. The disease

Open Pastoral counseling
Pastoral counseling

Pastoral care and counseling implies people caring for others in a manner which mirrors the way Jesus cared for people and taught his disciples to do

Open Pavlov, Ivan (1849 - 1936)
Pavlov, Ivan (1849 - 1936)

Due to his industrious studies on classical conditioning, Ivan P. Pavlov (1849–1936) is considered one of the most prominent researchers in

Open Perception

Perception refers to the experience of obtaining sensory information about the world of people, things, and events and the underlying processes. The

Open Personality

Core definition Behavioural, emotional, and mental characteristics of an individual that produce consistent patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour