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Open Paine, Thomas (1737 - 1809)
Paine, Thomas (1737 - 1809)

1737–1809, Anglo-American political theorist and writer, b. Thetford, Norfolk, England. The son of a working-class Quaker, he became an excise officer


( pālēŏg'rəfē ) [Gr.,=early writing], term generally meaning all study and interpretation of old ways of recording language. In a narrower sense, it

Pamuk, Orhan (Jun 7, 1952 - )

( ôr'hän pä'muk ), 1952–, Turkey's most celebrated contemporary novelist, studied Robert College (now Univ. of the Bosporus) and İstanbul Univ. Pamuk

Open Pascal, Blaise (1623 - 1662)
Pascal, Blaise (1623 - 1662)

Place : France Subject : biography, maths and statistics French mathematician, physicist, and religious recluse who was not only a scientist anxious

Pasternak, Boris (1890 - 1960)

( păs'tərnăk´´, Rus. bərēs' lyā´´ənyē'dəvĭch pəstyĭrnäk' ), 1890–1960, Russian poet and translator. Pasternak became an international symbol of the

Open Pauling, Linus (1901 - 1994)
Pauling, Linus (1901 - 1994)

Place: United States of America Subject : biography, chemistry US theoretical chemist and biologist whose achievements ranked among the most important

Open Paz, Octavio, 1914-1998
Paz, Octavio, 1914-1998

Born in Mexico City, this Nobel Prize–winner, essayist, intellectual, and prolific poet spent his youth in the nearby village of Mixcoc. His family's

Peacock, Thomas Love (1785 - 1866)

English satirical novelist and poet. His unique whimsical novels are full of paradox, prejudice, curious learning, and witty dialogue, interspersed

Péguy, Charles (1873 - 1914)

French Catholic socialist writer. He established a socialist publishing house in Paris. From 1900 he published on political topics Les Cahiers de la

Penso de la Vega, Josef, 1650-1692?

1650 Born in Espejo, Spain. 1673 Publication of the play Pardes Shoshannim . 1683 Publication of Triumphos del Aguyla y Eclypses de la Luna . 1683