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Open Paine, Thomas (1737 - 1809)
Paine, Thomas (1737 - 1809)

1737–1809, Anglo-American political theorist and writer, b. Thetford, Norfolk, England. The son of a working-class Quaker, he became an excise officer


( pālēŏg'rəfē ) [Gr.,=early writing], term generally meaning all study and interpretation of old ways of recording language. In a narrower sense, it

Palmer, George Herbert (1842 - 1933)

American, b: 19 March 1842, Boston, Masachusetts. d: 7 May 1933, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cat: Idealist. Ints: Moral theory. Educ: Harvard; two years

Pamuk, Orhan (Jun 7, 1952 - )

( ôr'hän pä'muk ), 1952–, Turkey's most celebrated contemporary novelist, studied Robert College (now Univ. of the Bosporus) and İstanbul Univ. Pamuk

Open Panjabi language
Panjabi language

Panjabi is the language of the people of Panjab, a region that was divided into two parts and apportioned one each to India (East Panjab) and Pakistan

Paradise Lost

Poem by John Milton , published in 1667. A revised edition (1674) rearranged the 10 books as 12. Paradise Lost was begun in 1658 and completed in

Parker, Dorothy (1893 - 1967)

née Rothschild 1893-1967 US wit, short-story writer and journalist She was born in West End, New Jersey, the daughter of a clothes salesman. Her

Parkinson, Cyril Northcote (1909 - 1993)

English writer and historian, celebrated for his study of public and business administration, Parkinson's Law: the Pursuit of Progress (1958), which

Open Parkman, Jr Francis (1823 - 1893)
Parkman, Jr Francis (1823 - 1893)

1823–93, American historian, b. Boston. In 1846, Parkman started a journey along the Oregon Trail to improve his health and study the Native

Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006

Photographer, Composer, Writer, Director Gordon Parks was born on November 30, 1912, in Fort Scott, Kansas. After the death of his mother, Parks went