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Open Paiute

Member of an American Indian people living in the Great Basin region of Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. They are divided

Open Palin, Sarah, 1964-
Palin, Sarah, 1964-

Sarah Palin (1964–) was Alaska's first female governor and also the youngest person ever elected governor in the state. She became a national

Open Pan-American Highway
Pan-American Highway

Keywords Pan-Americanism Economics and Trade The Pan American Highway (Carretera Panamericana) is a 15,714-mile system of roads spanning the Americas

Open Pawnee

Member of an American Indian people who inhabited the lower Mississippi River Valley until the 17th–18th centuries when they moved to Nebraska on the

Open Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania Railroad

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PR) was perhaps the nation's most important transportation system during the decades of the Industrial Revolution. First


Member of an American Indian people who originally inhabited the Penobscot River basin and Penobscot Bay in northeast Maine. They are allied to the

Open Pentagon Papers
Pentagon Papers

government study of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. Commissioned by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara in June, 1967, the 47-volume, top


Member of an American Indian people who inhabited the Connecticut and Rhode Island coast in the 1600s. Their language belongs to the Algonquian

Percy, Walker, 1916-1990

US writer. Starting with his first and best-known work, The Moviegoer (1961), he published several novels characterized by his conservative

Philippine American War, 1899-1902

The Philippine-American War (or Philippine Insurrection), following the larger Spanish-American War (1898), brought into collision American political